Vendor Hall

Welcome to the virtual vendor hall! We could not deliver these events year after year without the continued support from our sponsors. As our event has moved to a virtual format, we have worked to continue to connect our attendees with our sponsors. Normally our attendees will visit our sponsors in the vendor hall in person. With a virtual event, we have worked with our sponsors to provide as much of our sponsors’ product and service information electronically, including contact information for representatives that will be available via Slack to answer questions, etc.

Please have a look at the information provided by our sponsors below. Please take notice to the Slack links provided. These are links to connect with our sponsors’ representatives in our private Slack workspace. Take the time to chat with them about their products and services.

Vendor Hall Updates

Chat with sponsors via Slack! - If you would like to chat with our vendors, and we encourage that you do, please visit the #Vendor-Hall channel in the Symposium Slack workspace. If you want to reach out to a specific vendor via Slack, click on the vendor below and search for Your Conference Team and note the Slack handle (i.e. @Joe Smith). When in Slack, simply type their handle in the message box along with the message - this will send a private message to that vendor representative.