Ursula Cowan

Ursula Cowan –  Senior Threat Research Analyst, Mandiant

Ursula Cowan, is a Senior Threat Research Analyst at Mandiant Security Validation, focusing on researching adversaries’ tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), breaking them down to the smallest behaviors, for the purpose of replicating them within the Mandiant Security Validation Platform.

Ursula’s career started as a police detective investigating cyber-crime, death, and online exploitation. She later added computer forensics examiner to her list of job duties. Her training in computer forensics was at the U.S. Secret Service’s National Computer Forensic Institute (NCFI), she also holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology from the Florida Institute of Technology, and a Master of Science in Digital Forensics from the University of Central Florida.

Social Engineering the Interview

In this presentation, Ursula “Ushi: Cowan, former detective and Applied Psychology major turned threat research analyst, shares her knowledge and experience in decoding human behavior and shows you how to use social engineering principles to help further your chances at a successful interview. We will discuss the psychology behind the social engineering principles and use practical, actionable steps to help ensure that both you and the interviewer feel more comfortable so that you may better create an atmosphere to show your best self. Participants will leave with tools to immediately go into an interview and help calm nerves, deal with social anxiety, and further their likelihood of a successful interview.