Karen Walsh

Karen Walsh – Founder, Allegro Solutions

Karen Walsh, CEO and Founder of Allegro Solutions, is a lawyer and former internal auditor turned subject matter expert in cybersecurity and privacy regulatory compliance. She provides consulting and content services for cybersecurity startups, translating technology features into business-oriented solutions. She believes that securing today’s data protects tomorrow’s users. Karen has been published in the ISACA Journal, Dark Reading, HelpNet Security, NextGov, and Security Magazine.

Cybersustainability and Protecting Digital Ecosystems

Digital business models parallel the basic principles of environmental sustainable development. Applying environmentalism’s “sustainable development” and complex adaptive systems models offer a new way to view putting secure, compliant architectures in place.

This talk focuses on:
1. Explaining the foundational principles of sustainable development and complex adaptive systems
2. Applying these principles to complex, cloud-based ecosystems
3. Suggestions for how to create “cybersustainable” digital environments to secure data and meet compliance requirements.