Chat & Interact

How to Join and Use Slack

We know that one of the benefits of our live events is the opportunity to interact with colleagues, old friends, meet new people and chat with speakers and sponsors.  As part of this virtual event, we have made available a private Slack Workspace with a number of channels. This is only accessible to attendees, speakers and sponsors.

You should have received an invitation to the event’s private Slack workspace such as the following. If you haven’t please send an email to












Click the “Join Now” link and proceed to get setup in Slack. Select a unique password and confirm that your Full Name is correct.

Downloading the Slack Client

Download the desktop app from: (available for Windows 32 and 64bit). There are also clients for those running OSX or Linux.

You may also download the app from the IOS app store if you wish to use your smart device (i.e. phone, iPad, etc.) or download the app from the Google Play.

Or simply log into Slack from the Slack website ( and use your browser.

Accessing Slack

Once you have downloaded and installed the Slack client or visited the Slack website, click Sign In and use the following Slack workspace address (

If you have an existing Slack account, use your credentials and login. If you do not have an Slack account, enter your e-mail address (you provided) and a password and an account will be created for you:

You will now have access to the Slack console. We have made available the following channels:

      • #attendee-chat – feel free to chat with colleagues, friends, people you have met at the event, etc.
      • #vendor-hall – vendors will be moderating this channel. Feel free to interact with them and chat about the latest products and services they are offering.
      • #general – this a general channel – please feel free to ask anything!
      • #support – if you require support during the event, please post your questions here for our support moderators to help you out.

All channels are moderated. If you require assistance, please message @Moderator.

Workspace Etiquette / Code of Conduct

Remember, collaborate with kindness! Slack is an amazing collaboration tool. Remember, to use proper etiquette when chatting in Slack.

Introduce Yourself

Everyone loves to meet new attendees! Drop a quick hello in #General channel and share something about yourself!

Say hello to new members and welcome them into the community.

Be Respectful

      • Be open and respectful to every attendee – sharing is caring and everyone should be here with the attitude to learn and share.
      • Have a positive attitude — be friendly, helpful, and encouraging.
      • Answer questions. Collaboration is at the heart of why we’ve brought this community together.
      • Be thankful to those that have answered your questions
      • No one is perfect, and even well-intentioned people make mistakes.  Be kind in your discussions with others and remember that everyone’s life experiences are different.

Be Relevant

Ask questions and contribute — be sure to ask folks for help or advice and provide feedback where you’re able to.

Stay on topic – We have carved out different channels for specific topics.  Please keep your posts relevant to the channel you are in to avoid any confusion.

Social Rules

      • Use inclusive language. We strive to create a diverse and safe community in which everyone is comfortable participating.  When posting in channels, avoid using words such as “guys” or “ladies & gentlemen” to address a channel. Possible alternatives: “folks”, “everyone”.
      • Don’t be a jerk – we’re all in this together.
      • Use caution with jokes, everyone’s sense of humor is different and words can be misunderstood over text.
      • If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
      • Protecting IP and legally protected information is your responsibility, this is a public forum.  Don’t presume anything said here will remain private.
      • You are part of this community. If you see someone behaving disrespectfully we urge you to politely dissuade such behavior.  If you do not feel comfortable addressing the behavior, please reach out to ISACA Event Management by emailing or DM’ing @moderator
      • Please use Appropriate Language – if you wouldn’t say it to your grandparents, don’t say it here.
      • Keep this workspace feeling safe for everyone.  Refrain from sending direct messages or tagging other community members who have requested not to be contacted. If you direct-message someone they are not obligated to respond. Do not continue to message them if they do not respond. Concurrently, if you are tagged in a post or direct messaged, you are not obligated to respond. If the issue persists, or if the message is inappropriate in nature, please refrain from engaging in the conversation and reach out to ISACA Event Management by emailing or DM’ing @moderator
      • Refrain from repeatedly tagging anyone on a new question; questions you post should be for the channel as a whole for anyone there to respond, these are public forums.
      • Refrain from asking technical questions in a direct message unless the other person has offered support and requested a direct message conversation to continue a discussion.
      • Don’t abuse the ability to tag someone. Try to only tag someone when continuing a pre-existing conversation with them, and particularly when responding to a question that they have asked

Behaviors to Avoid

      • Any forms of disrespect — We do not tolerate impolite or offensive behaviors, including the use of explicit/vulgar language, images and/or messages e.g. racist remarks.
      • Spamming or trolling other members.
      • Illegal activity – i.e. posting links to pirated content, advice on how to jailbreak software, or illegal bypasses of software security protection.
      • Please do not post or link to any private information (your own or others) such as credit card numbers, passwords, product/API keys or any sensitive personally identifiable information. Take particular care when posting screenshots of your desktop.
      • Marketing (with the exception of official event sponsors in the Vendor Hall channel) – blatant advertising and spam marketing will not be tolerated. Posting affiliate links to third-party services such that clicking on the link or buying the services within would directly or indirectly financially benefit the poster is prohibited, due to the potential conflict of interest. Do feel free to share products or services you find useful where it applies to the workspace or links to your own websites!
      • No Direct Pitches – Only our official event sponsors are permitted to pitch only in the Vendor-Hall Channel. Consider sponsoring one of our conferences!
      • Don’t hate on tech you don’t like.  There is a good chance there is someone in the room who either helped create or likes to use that tool. Remember, don’t be a jerk.
      • There are no stupid questions. If people ask questions that are simple to answer on Google, answer them nicely still.
      • No links without context – If you put a link in the chat without context or explanation, it may be deleted.